156.                               Perry, N. Y.

SOLOMON RANDALL HART, Perry, Wyoming County, N.Y., fourth son of Captain Solomon Hart, of Hartsville, Mass., and his wife, Jerusba (Beach), born April 2d, 1804, at New Marlboro; married September 12th, 1845, Fanny Johnson, daughter of Augustus, of Tyringham, Mass., born February 20th, 1803. He was living in 1872 at Perry, N. Y., and was a farmer, justice, and postmaster.


359. William M., born June 21st, 1834; married October 6th, 1853, Jennie Macumber, of Perry, N.Y.

157   Hartsville, Mass., New Haven, Ct.

MILAN HART, Hartsville, Mass., fifth son of Captain Solomon Hart, of the same place, and his wife Jerusha (Beach), born December 28th, 1805, at Hartsville; married May 1st, 1832, Perlina Nettleton, of Cornwall, Conn., daughter of Jehiel and his wife, Amy (Jackson), born September 7th, 1811, at Cornwall Conn. He was residing, in 1871, at No.48 Bradley Street, New Haven, and both were members of the Second Methodist Church there. He has been a farmer, but is now in feeble health.


360. Jane Antoinette, born February 20th, 1834; married September 28th, 1852, James Hollister.
361. Edson Solomon, born January 10th, 1836; married September l9th, 1855, Frances J. Fargo; second, Maria                .
362. Rosalinda Exine, born September 14th, 1837; married June 5th, 1855, George Stephens.
363. John Jay, born September 17th, 1839; married March 20th, 1860, Clara A. Crippen.
        Daughter, born January 26tb, 1842; died the same day.
364. Emma Dorothy, born February 12th, 1844; died October 16th, 1861, aged 17 years. Sbe was a member of the Methodist Church.
        Milan Lorenzo, born May 14th, 1846; died June 1st, 1846.

159.                          Hartsville, Mass.

ALFRED HART, Hartsville, Mass., youngest child, of Captain Solomon Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Jerusha (Beach), born February 12th, 1812, at New Marlboro, Mass.; marfied October 19th, 1833, Cynthia L. Nettleton, of Coruwall, Conn. He died February 19th, 1864, aged 52 years. He was a farmer.