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141.                            Lapier, Mich.

OLIVER BURNHAM HART, Lapier, Lapier County, Mich., third son of Elias Hart, of Cornwall, Conn., and his wife, Philomela Burnham, born              , 1787, at Cornwall Conn; married                , 1807, Amanda Harrison. They both died at Lapier, Mich., August, 1844, much lamented, and both were buried in the same grave.


       Orson, born, September, 1808; died, November, 1808.
       Oliver Burnham, born, April, 1810; died, February, 1811.
       Caroline, born, January, 1812; died, January, 1819.
325. Noah Harrison, born October 30th, 1813; married September 5th, 1842, Emily J. Peck. He is a lawyer at Lapier.
326. Julius Burnham, born                , 1815; married                   , 1835, Sarah Shafer, of Lapier.
327. Joseph Brown, born                  , 1818; married October 23d, 1844, Mary M. Hopkins; second, March 7th, 1859.
        Henry B., born, March, 1820; died        , 1821.
328. Phila Ann, born                         , 1823; married                   , 1847, John M. Wattles, a lawyer.
329. Sarah Maria, born                      , 1825; married                  , 1853, Andrew C. Maxwell, a lawyer.
330. Abigail Burnham, born                , 1826; married                 , 1851, George Smith, a physician of Bay City.
331. Barzillai Brown, born                  , 1828; married                 , 1853, Elizur Munro, a grocer of Lapier.
       John E., born, December, 1830; died, February, 1831.

[ According to the 1870 Michigan census and family records, Barzillai Brown Hart was born September 17th, 1829 in Cornwall, CT. He died January 16th, 1905 in Minneapolis, MN. Barzillai Hart married Eliza Monroe, born February 26th, 1833 in either Massachussetts, according to the 1860 Census record, or in Mich. as recorded on her death record. She died February 14th, 1909 in Minneapolis. They were married about 1850, probably in Michigan.


       Mary Della, born 1854/5.
       Oliver, born 1858/9.
       Julia, born 1868.
       Eliza, born 1870.

144.                             Cornwall, Conn.

JULIUS HART, Cornwall, Conn., fourth son of Elias Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Philomela Burnham, born February 29th, 1796, at Cornwall, Conn.; married January 7th, 1819, Rhoda Rogers, daughter of. Deacon Noah, and his wife, Lydia Cornwall, born June 9th, 1798, at North Cornwall. She died June 11th, 1866, aged 68 years, 2 days.


332. Julius Rogers, born December 15th, 1819; died January 31st, 1831, aged 12 years.
333. Noah Rogers, born September 12th, 1821; married November 22d, 1843, Lucretia Minerva Barnum.
       Lydia Julia, born April 29th, 1826; died June 10th, 1827.
334. Julius Leavett, born April 29th, 1826; was living at West Cornwall in 1872.
335. Elizabeth Wilson, born January 22d, 1829; died September 28th, 1835.
336. Elias Burton, born February 21st, 1834; married October 7th, 1857, Hattie A. Canfield.
337. George Spencer, born February 11th, 1837; married February 23d, 1871, Anna Dudley, of New York.

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