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52.               Kensington and Cornwall.

RUFUS HART, Kensington, second son of John Hart, of Kensington and Cornwall, and his wife, Anna Hall, born April 24th, 1755, at Kensington. He went to Canaan and Cornwall with his parents, where he was taken with acute pain in one thigh. He lived but fifty five hours, and died Friday night, June 28th, l765. He was a pleasant and obedient child of 10 years. Family Record.

Whitestown, N. Y., Belvidere, Ill.

THOMAS HART, Be1videre, Ill., third son of John Hart, of Kensington and Cornwall, and his second wife, Huldah Gould, born March 3d, 1756; married                          , and removed to Whitestown, N. Y., and thence to Belvidere, Boone County, Ill., where he is said to be located with his sons.

[ Thomas Hart (b. 3/3/1756-1847) resided in Belvidere Ill. He was the son of John Hart and Huldah Gould of Kensington, CT. Thomas Hart was a Private under Capt. John Sedgwick and Col. Benjamin Hinman. He applied for a pension from Chenango County, NY and it was allowed for one year's service. Thomas Hart, Senior, is listed as revolutionary War veteran with Certiciate #20585, issued September 23rd, 1833. He received a pension of $41.11 per annum. Thomas Hart married Ruth Payne (8/31/1756-1836). She was the daughter of Abraham Payne (5/2/1722-4/21/1801) and Rebekah Freeman (9/23/1724-12/25/1810) and resided in Hamilton, NY. Thomas Hart and Ruth Payne had a son, Abram Hart (1784-1864) who resided in DeRuyter, NY.

Abram Hart married Nancy Gillet (1791-1823). They had a son, Henry Payne Hart (6/6/1816-11/19/1880) who married Mary Bunker (10/6/1819-3/17/1856). They lived in DeRuyter, NY and New Brunswick, NJ. ]

55.          Batavia, N. Y., Coventry, O.

RUFUS HART, youngest son of John Hart, of Kensington, Canaan, and Cornwall, Conn., and his third wife, Martha Foote, born March 15th, 1773; married, 1795, Esther Coster, born 1771, and died in 1833, when he second married               , and resided in Batavia, N. Y., and subsequently at Coventry, Summit County, Ohio. He was there in 1845 with his second wife.


124. C1arissa, born [May 6th], 1796; married, June, 1817, Charles Sumner, of Coventry.
125. John C., born [April 17th], 1798; married February 21st, 1831, Margaret A. Sterling.
       George Washington, born [December 11th], 1800; died at Batavia, N. Y., in 1817, aged 16.
126. Hiram, born              , 1804; married              , 1880, Sarah Smith.
127. Lucinda, born            , 1807; married January 1st, 1821, Edward W.Sumner.
128. Elizabeth L., born          , 1810; married December 19th, 1827, Henry Richards.
129. Edward W., born            , 1816; married         , 1838, Rachel Latta.

Farmington, Tyringham, Cornwall.

RUTH HART, eldest daughter of Solomon Hart, of Kensington, and his wife, Experience Cole, born December 31st, 1750, at Farmington, Conn. She went with her parents, from Congee, in Farmington, to

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