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   John, born                , 1772, baptized July l2th, 1772, died Sept. 10th, 1776, Æ. 4 years, 6 months.
   Roswell, born             , 1775, baptized Aug. 13th, 1775, died Sept. 10th, 1776, Æ. 14 months.

49.                                 New Britain.

JUDAH HART, JR., of New Britain, Conn., fourth son of Judah Hart, sen., and his wife, Anna Norton, was born Sept. 10th, 1750, at Kensington, married, April 19th, 1770, Sarah, daughter of James North and Sarah (Seymour) his wife, born Feb. 22d, 1749. She was a daughter of Mr. Hart's step-mother. He was a farmer, and inherited his father's homestead opposite the school-house in the South-west district, in New Britain. He had a frail constitution, and died April 28th, 1795, aged 45 years. The inventory of his estate amounted to £1,149 4s. 7d. His widow, Mrs. Sarah Hart, died Sept. 15th, 1822, aged 74 years. The house they owned and occupied is still, 1874, standing and in good condition, having been made of heavy white oak timber.


117. Sarah, born November 7th, 1770; married July 30th, 1793, Asahel Hart.
        Anna, born May 3d, 1773; died September l7th, 1776, aged 3 years.
118. Salmon, born May 20th, 1775; married May 2d, 1796, Sarah Goodrich.
119. Judah, born December 16th, 1777; married May 1st, 1800, Abigail Belden.
120. Anna 2d, born March l7th, 1780; married September l7th, 1804, Truman Woodruff.
121. Roxana, born October 23d,1784; married November 22d, 1803, Albert Merriman; second, James Beecher.
122. Lydia, born December 14th, 1786; married June 20th, 1805, Samuel Porter, of Southington.
123. Eliphaz, born June 28th, 1789; married December 25th, 1812, Eliza Armstrong, of Newport, R. I.
        Henry, born           ; baptized February llth, 1787.
        Amzi, born July 10th, 1792; drowned in a wel1.

51.                                     Cornwall.

AMIE HART, eldest daughter of John Hart, of Kensington and Cornwall, and his wife, Anna Hall, born August 28th, 1753, at Kensington; married           , Captain Seth Pierce, of Cornwall, Conn., a prominent man, and extensively known. He held the military: rank of captain, was a pillar in the First Congregational Church, and a large land-holder. Mrs. Pierce united early with the church. Their issue, viz: John H., who held the rank of colonel, was killed instantly by a team starting; Seth, holds the rank of major, and his residence is at Cornwall, Conn.

[Note that at least one of the names printed here is a misprint in the original book, as her name is given as 'Annie' in her parent's family. Both Cornwall town histories use the name 'Amy'.]

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