21.                     Farmington, Bristol.

MARY HART, Farmington, second daughter of Deacon John Hart, of Kensington, and his wife, Esther Gridley, born March 9th, 1717, at Farmington; married December 6th, 1739, Timothy Root, son of Timothy, and his wife, Margaret Seymour, born 1713, at Farmington. He died at Cape Breton, April 24th, 1746, aged 33, when second she married May 4th, 1749, Rev. Samuel Newell, of Bristol, son of Samuel, of Southington, and his wife, Sarah Norton, born March 1st, 1714, at Southington. He was ordained pastor of the Congregational Church in Bristol, August 12th, 1747, and died there February. 10th, 1789. She died November 28th, 1797, aged 50 years, 8 months, 19 days. Her Children by Root-1, Timothy born October 16th, 1740; 2, Theodore, born July 17th, 1742; 3, Esther, born July 9th, 1744. Her children by Newell-4, Mary, born October 30th, 1750; 5, Samuel, born June 27th, 1752; 6, Lot, born March 15th, 1754; 7, Anna, born August 3d, 1756; 8, Samuel 2d, born April 11th, 1758.

[ Ron and Jen Bailey have sent information about the descendants of Mary Newell. She married Jacob Hungerford, December 13, 1770. He was born July 16, 1749 in Bristol, Hartford County, Connecticut and died June 23 1812 in Vernon, Oneida County, New York. She died Jun 23, 1812 in Vernon, Oneida County, New York. Their children were: 1. Samuel. b: September 1775; 2. Lot, b: December 8, 1777; 3. Jacob b: January 28, 1780 in Bristol, Connecticut; 4. Asahel, b: September 28, 1782; 5. Mary, b: December 23, 1787; and 6. Ruth, b: 15 Jun 1791 d: February 4, 1876. ]

22.           Farmington, Southington.

SARAH HART, Farmington, third daughter of Deacon John Hart, of Farmington and Kensington, and his wife, Esther Gridley, born June 19th, 1719, at Farmington; married June 19th, 1740, Stephen Root; son of Timothy, and his wife, Margaret Seymour, born March 18th, 1711. He died September 5th, 1752, aged 41, when she second married April 11th, 1758, Eldad Lewis, who died at Southington, June 23d, 1784, aged 73 years. He was son of Isaac, of Farmington, and his first wife, Abigail Curtiss, of Wethersfield, born February 11th, 1711, at Farmington. She died at Wallingford, January 25th, 1789, aged 69 years, 7 months, 6 days, and a tablet at the south end burial ground in Southington, says "She was the exemplary mother of ten children." Her children by Root-1, Stephen, born October 21st, 1740; died October 20th, 1767. 2, Sarah, born September 30th, 1743; married Captain Ambrose Sloper. 3, James, born February 23d, 1746; married Mercy Woodruff. 4, Ruth, born March 9th, 1748; married Josiah Newell. 5, David, born January 23d, 1751; died January 28th, 1773. And she had five by Lewis.


SOLOMON HART, Kensington, third son of Deacon John Hart, of Farm- ington and Kensington, and his wife, Esther Gridley, born October 1st,