45. Elias, born February 25th, 1735; married October 17th, 1753, Hope Whaples, of Newington.
      Judah, born September 5th, 1737; died November 3d, 1745, aged 8 years.
46. Anna, born May 22d, 1739; married
47. Esther, born April 4th, 1742; married November 29th, 1764, Elipbaz Alvord, Esq., Winchester, Conn.
      Lois, born April 4th, 1742 died at birth.
48. John, born January 20th, 1743-4 married, October, 1764, Anna Deming, of Southington.
      Roger, born May 10th, 1745; died young
      Ruth, horn January 19th, 1748 died young
49. Judah, born September 10th, 1750, married April 19th, 1770, Sarah North, daughter of James and his father's second wife.

20.                                 Kensington.

JOHN HART, Kensington, Conn., second son of Deacon John Hart, of Farmington and Kensington, and his wife, Esther Gridley, born October 11th, 1714, at Kensington. His father's Will, dated March 2d, 1752, makes him one of the executors, and also gives him "all my house and homestead, and my lot, called the Meeting House Lot, of 8+ acres, bounded east on Stephen Hart, north on highway, west on meeting-house yard." (Query.-Is it not south on highway?) He removed to Canaan in 1740, but returned and located at Cornwall, Conn., in 1763, having sold the homestead he inherited of his father; in 1765, to Solomon and Amos Cowles. The house is still standing- 1874. He married, in 1744, Anna Hall, who died, when second he married, January 30th, 1749-50, Huldah Gould, who also died, January 19th, 1771, when third he married, May 28th, 1772, Martha Foot. He died December 18th, 1773, aged 59 years, 2 months, and 7 days.


50. John, born November 19th, 1751; died January 1st, 1777, aged 26.
51. Annie, born August 28th, 1758; married , Seth Pierce, of Cornwall, Conn.
52. Rufus, born April 24th, 1755; died June 28th, 1765, aged 10. A pleasant and obedient child.
53. Thomas, born March 3d, 1756. He lived at Whitestown, N.Y., and at Belvidere, Ill.
54. Silas, born May 19th, 1760; married                 , not know who or where.


55. Rufus, born March 15th, 1773; married                  , 1795, Esther Coster.

[ A book is available about Silas Hart, the fifth child of John Hart and Huldah Gould. This is "HART FAMILY HISTORY, Silas Hart, His Ancestors and Descendants," by William Lincoln Hart, Alliance, Ohio, 1942. I'll quote a single paragraph of the book:

Silas Hart, fifth child of John Hart and his second wife, Huldah Gould, was born in Canaan, Conn., May 19, 1760. The first thirty-five years of his life was spent in Litchfield County, Conn., where about the year 1782 he was married to one whose name is not known and to this union was born a daughter, Amy in 1784. About the year 1785 the wife of Silas Hart died. In 1787 he was married a second time to Phile Swift of Kent, Conn., who was born August 1, 1767, she being a member of the prominent and widely known Swift family of that state. She was the daughter of Elisha Swift and his wife, Mary Ranson Swift, and a sister of Gen. John Swift and Gen. Philetus Swift, both officers of the American army in the war with Great Britain in 1812.

Silas moved to Palmyra, N.Y. with his wife, Phile, where her brothers had originally settled. Phile died January 12, 1813 in Palmyra, N.Y. He died Wednesday, August 6, 1828 in the same location.

Sadly, this book also includes information about some ancestors of Phile Swift that is now known to be incorrect. Phile is descended from the Mayflower passenger, Richard Warren. This descent is shown correctly. But the book also includes a few pages showing, incorrectly, how Richard Warren is descended from William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, and other royalty. In reality, Richard Warren's parents in England are unknown.


         Amy, born          , 1784; died in Palmyra,          , 1796, being about 12 years old.


         Alice, born February, 2, 1789; married Dr. Samuel Clesson about 1810; She died on Saturday, October 27, 1832, with no children.
         Philena, born          , 1790; married Richard Sweet about 1815; she died in Dundee, Munroe Co., Michigan, October 23, 1851.
         John Swift, born March 11, 1769; married Prudence Clark, March 4, 1819 in Washington Township, Ohio.; died November 1, 1863 in washington Township. They had 17 children.
         Lyman, born          , 1797 in Palmyra, N.Y.; died at Monroe, Michigan, August 15, 1834, unmarried.
         Julius Caesar, born April 30, 1799; married Catherine Carroll in 1825 in Augusta, Carroll Co., Ohio; died July 20, 1855 in Jeffersonville, Wayne Co., Illinois
         Julia Maria, born september 7, 1801; married William M. Milner, originally of Virginia, in 1818; died March 21, 1841. They had 8 children and he ran Milner's Mills on the Yellow Creek in Ohio.