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Stephen Hart Sr's Will

Probate Records, Hartford District, v. IV p. 119.
HEART, Steven, Deacon, sen., Farmington.
Invt. 340-04-00. Taken 31 March, 1682-3, by Thomas Heart, John Heart.
Will dated 16 March, 1682-3.

The last will and testament off Steeven hart senior taken this 16th of March anno 1682(3).

I Stephen Heart senior of Farmington ne in the countie off Hartford not knowing the shortnes of my time yet being in perfect memorie desire to resign as my self unto god and submit to his will and accordingly to set my house in order that the state that god hath given mee may be disposed off ( as my desire is ) according to his will, that soe those that my will is shall enjoy it may injoy a blessing with itt and for the settleing of this my Estate, my Will is as followeth:

My will is that my Farm which I formerly have given to my three sons, John Heart, Steven Heart & Thomas Heart That is to say the one half of my Farm to John, one quarter to Steven, the other quarter to Thomas. and soo to abide as it was devided among them.

I give to my gr. son Thomas Porter & to my son-in-law John Cole my plowing Land & Meadow & Swamp which was sometime part of Andrew Warner's Farme, & abutts on my son Steven Heart's Land on the North. I doe give it to them to be equally divided betwixt them, the ingagement of my wife being fulfilled. I give to my sons Steven and Thomas Heart that 10 acres of Land which I bought of Andrew Warner, that lyes in the Farme Meadow, to be equally divided betwixt them. I give to my sons Steven and Thomas Heart and to my daughters Sarah Porter and Mary Lee, my Swamp Lott in the Great Swamp and all the rest of my Upland Divisions, divided or undivided, to be equally divided betwixt them. I give to my gr. child Dorothy Porter 10. I give to my gr. child John Lee 3. I give to my gr. child John Heart, my eldest son's son, 3. I do give to my beloved wife a little Kettle that holds about a peck, as also a colt which I gave her, which was recorded to her. And as to all the rest of my Estate, within dores and without, all dues & Debts (except 1-3 part of all my Linen, & a Cow, & 10 given to my wife, as also 5 of Annuity during her natural life in case she survive me, as may appear by a former Instrument), And as for the rest as abovesd., I give to my sons, Steven and Thomas Heart, and my beloved daughters, Sarah Porter and Mary Lee, and my son-in-law, John Cole, whom I make my Executors.

          Steven Hart.
Witness:     John Wadsworth sen.,
                  Robert Porter.

Court Record, Page 69 -- 4 April, 1683: Will proven. Mrs. Margaret Heart, Ensign Thomas Heart, Sarah Porter and Mary Lee personally appeared and made oath to the Inventory.