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Listings should be complete through June 1995.

This had originally started out as an article for the Puffball newsletter (hence the title graphic still). This will now be a regularly updated link to the postage stamps that feature mushrooms somewhere in their design. If you create links to this site, you should only link to this main page, as the individual countries will probably be broken out into separate pages at some point in the future.

If you notice any inconsistencies of any kind, please contact me at and I'll take care of these things as soon as possible. As of November 23rd, 1995, I still hadn't had time to correct all of the spelling errors, nor have I had time to include any pricing information. Also, the statistical information needs to be updated as it only reflects the stamps through around 1990 or so (I had missed many of the stamps that featured mushrooms as part of the design, such as the very early Chinese issues).

Mushroom Stamps

This month I'm including the first installment to a semi-regular feature in the Puffball. This will introduce the members to a method of collecting mushrooms that won't decay for hundreds of years. Postage stamps!

The next few issues will include a listing of all the stamps that have been issued by various countries of the world in the past, which include mushrooms as either the main focus of their design, or as some part of their design.

Currently the listing that is included should be pretty complete through 1990. I do have some issues included past 1990, but it is not close to being complete, yet. I will include updates for new issues as they come out (the yearly average has been around 7 different sets of stamps over the past ten years). If you're a collector and you notice any stamps that aren't listed, please contact the editor.

The first mushroom stamps were issued by Romania in July of 1958. These were followed by another set in October of the same year by Czechoslovakia. According to the statistics that I have now (which will change somewhat, but not much) there was another set issued in 1959, no sets in 1960, one in 1961, none again until 1964 when there were two issued. This relatively sparse pattern continued on until the mid-1980's when there were no fewer than 10 sets of stamps issued each year between the years of 1984 and 1989 inclusively. The peak was 1985, with 18 different sets issued.

The current count that I have for a total number of mushroom stamps released (through 1990) is 585. It's also interesting to note that the United States to date has not issued any mushroom stamps.

The species with over two stamps issued are as follows:

The genus's with over two stamps issued are as follows:

We have a few genus's and species that showed on this list that we don't see in this area (in some cases, not even the United States). Several of the Asian and African postal authorities included some interesting fungi found in their countries. These include:

This compilation doesn't include the different species of more common genus's that we don't find in this area. This may be touched on in later issues.

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