the Puffball, Volume 16, Number 3

President's Message

I would like to officially welcome both a new club member and new officer to our club, Bill Carroll as our 1993-1994 president. Bill's interest in mushrooms started some 30 years ago when he was working during the summers for the forest service in northwest Washington. Of course, anyone working for the forest service in northwestern Washington would have to develop an interest in mushrooms with the flora that occurs there.

Bill and his wife Marian primarily pick mushrooms for the table. They pick Morels (Morchella sp.), Oysters (Pleurotus ostreatus), Chanterelles (Canthrallus cibarius), and also some Corals (Ramaria sp.). They were into picking the Corals some four to five years ago, and they really found that they liked them for the table.

Bill felt that one of the most important things that we have in front of us a mushroom club were the regulations that are being proposed for recreational mushroom picking. We have had a meeting recently where our primary focus was on these regulations, and our guest speaker this month, Elizabeth Foster from Mike Kopetski's office, will be addressing some of these issues. In fact, Elizabeth Foster comes to us as a direct result of some of the letters that were sent out concerning this issue.

The other issue of concern is how to bring our club membership up. We will be discussing several issues along these lines over the course of the next few months, so be thinking of any ideas and input that you might have along these lines.

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