the Puffball, Volume 16, Number 3

In Memory of Jeanette Madsen

We wish to express our deepest sympathy on the loss of a long-time member of the Willamette Valley Mushroom Society, Jeanette Madsen, who passed away several months ago. She is survived by her husband, Allen Madsen, who is also a long time member of the club. I want to offer my personal apologies to her husband Allen, for not getting this in the Puffball sooner.

I unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to meet Jeanette, but when asking some of the long time club members about her, I received nothing but outstanding praise about the contributions that she made to the club. Jeanette held the offices of both Secretary, and Treasurer. In those positions she took it upon herself to do not only the job at hand, but anything that it took to have a successful club. The name pins that some of the society members sport were from the direct result of Jeanette spearheading the project. Many other extra projects were also taken on by Jeanette.

Jeanette was an outstanding helper to the various officers of the club over the years, even when she wasn't holding an official office, and Woody Taylor commented that during his presidency over the club, she was an invaluable help.

Jeanette was also a very friendly and optimistic person, always ready to give a helping hand with a smile. As Halle Toman put it, "Jeanette was always on the up-side". Outside of the mushroom society, Mary Neuendorf remembers that Jeanette was very devoted to her family, and other families that she came into contact with, in their time of need.

Jeanette was ill for some time before she passed away, so she was not involved in the club as she wished she could be. When Jeanette was feeling well though, she and Allen came to the meetings like clock-work, said Halle Toman. They also both enjoyed going out on forays with the club, and were "eager explorer's" according to Mary Neuendorf. They also had their eyes open to mushrooms growing a little closer to home, and in fact, directly around their home. Mary was invited over to their home on several occasions to see the local "Madsen" flora.

Mary I think summed it up as well as can be when she stated that Jeanette was "a mainstay of club during the time that she was involved." Jeanette will be greatly missed by anybody that knew her.

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