The Coruway Film Institute is a non-profit corporation dedicated to media that celebrates the human spirit.

We formed in 1989 with 2 projects. Since then we have produced many programs, ran workshops and have shown our work around the country. We have created and distributed work and helped others to communicate their own messages.

We believe in the power of the medium. We believe that if we look closely at the relationship between characters and their world we will know more about how we all function, what drives us, what makes us who we are. Character is the center of our common humanity.

Director W. C. Rogers and crew aboard the bus...

We are best known for our film about Joe Rogers, My Uncle Joe. Our most recent production is a profile of ski champion, Bode Miller, FLYING DOWNHILL. We will soon release Front Wards, Back Wards, the story of America's first public "home" for people with mental retardation.