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Our Educational Mission:

The Harris Center for Conservation Education is dedicated to providing nature education experiences that invite people of all ages to develop and deepen their understanding of the Monadnock Region.

Our Strategy

Field Cricket

At the Harris Center, we believe in studying frogs in ponds instead of in pickle jars. Every year more than 2,500 students in 24 Monadnock Region Schools embark on expeditions that take them outside the confines of the classroom and into their neighborhoods.

We work collaboratively with teachers to design thematic programs that enrich school science studies. Themes are chosen based on each grade level's science curriculum, children's natural curiosity and interests at each developmental stage and the local natural history stories and study sites in school neighborhoods. Our programs offer active, materials-rich lessons that are based on the local landscape.

Harris Center School Programs

  • Provide students in grades K-12 with a continuum of experiences and opportunities to study nature, develop age appropriate science skills, discover nature as a source of inspiration and creativity, and appreciate the local landscape outside their schools.
  • Help teachers integrate local place-based nature education into their curriculum.
    Offer the community opportunities to explore and appreciate the natural wonders of the Monadnock Region.
  • Above all, we hope to show students that people can develop a sustainable and positive relationship with the natural world. Through awareness and understanding of our natural environment, students learn an appreciation for their world that will help them grow up to become environmentally responsible adults.

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