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Clan Fraser

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Click here to see some pictures from Loon Mountain and the 1997 NH Highland GamesWatch for the new dates for 1998. I will post all the information that I get here and I hopr to have a link to the NHHG home page within a few months. If you need any further information feel free to email me and I'll try to answer any questions. See you there....

The New Hampshire Highland Games this year will be Sept. 18, 19 & 20th at Loon Mountain, Lincoln N.H. Click on the link to take you to their excellent home page. Be sure to order your tickets early and get the 3 day package...a real bargain.

These are the family crests of Clan Fraser "All my hope is in God" and "JE SUIS PREST" which means "I am Ready". Both of these are correct and there are arguments as to which one is right, I think they are both right.

The following is from "Scotland and her Tartans" by Alexander Fulton.

The first known Fraser in Scotland was Simon Fraser, who in about 1160 donated the Church of Keith to Kelso Abbey. The name came from the lordship of LaFraseliere in Anjou, and a descendant of Simon Fraser, Sir Gilbert Fraser, established the main line of the family in about 1250 at Touch-Fraser, Stirlingshire. His direct descendant, Alexander Fraser was knighted by King Robert I(the Bruce) before the battle of Bannockburn in 1314. After the battle he married the Bruce's sister, Lady Mary - who had been strung up in a cage for four yesrs by King Edward I of England in reprisal for the Bruce's coronation - and he was later Chamberlain of Scotland. Their grandson gained the lands of Philorth in Buchan by his marriage in 1375.

Sir Alexander Fraser (1537-1623), 8th Laird of Philorth, founded Fraserburgh, and would have founded Fraserburgh University, too, if the project had not run into difficulties. He also built Fraserburgh Castle, which his family found too draughty to live in. The 9th Laird married the daughter and heiress of Lord Saltoun, their son succeeding to the Saltoun title, in which is now also vested the chiefship of Clan Fraser.

The Frasers of Lovat are descended from Sir Alexander Fraser's younger brother, Simon, who also fought at Bannockburn, and each chief of Clan Fraserof Lovat is known as MacShimi (son of Simon). Simon Fraser (1667-1747), 11th Lord of Lovat, was one of the more colorful characters in the history of the Highlands. After his father had inherited the title of the 10th Lord on the death of his great-nephew, Simon tried to abduct the 9th Lord's nine-yesr-old daughter and heiress. Foiled in this, he married her mother by force. In the early 1700s he regularly switched his allegiance between the Government in Britain and the Jacobites in France, playing one side off against the other.During the Rebellion of 1715, he appeared actively to support the Government. In 1745, he waited to see which way things were going, and then compromised by ordering his son to bring out Frasers for Bonnie Prince Charlie.After the Battle of Culloden in 1746 he tried to escape, was captured, and (at the age of 80) beheaded.

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