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Mrs Linsky's First Grade Class
Don Wadsworth's First Grade Class Photo
Wheeler Elementary Fourth Grade Class
OCS 1976 Stage Band
"The Frog Prince"

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Mrs Linsky's First Grade Class, Room 103

1ST Row Seated:
Stephen Fey, Paul Barret, Robert Whipple, Kevin Bragman, Robert Horst

2ND Row Seated:
Kevin Clark, Shirley Baron, Linda Hibard, Sharon DelNero, Sheila Fish, Cynthia Diefendorf, Melody Winters, Gregory Lydon

3RD Row Standing:
Doug Randall, Guy Wadsworth, Jim Zimmers, Raymond Cook, Christopher Sgouris, Roger Volles, Dale Ashmus, Gary Hawkins, Joseph Brian

Members of the Class but Absent:
Linda Finley, Dianna Mason, Carol Schumm, Mary Miller, Mary Kindt

Don Wadsworth's First Grade Photo

Wheeler Elementary Fourth Grade Class

1ST Row:
Melody Winters, Sue Curtiss, Bobbie Lahey, Denise Lowery, June Ochsner, Amy Stilwell, Lisa Lathrop, ?, Sharon DelNero, Doreen Williams, Paul Burton, Tim Herold, Kevin Clark, Tim Tiss, Greg Lyden

2ND Row:
Teri Douglas, Ann Fenner, Mary Miller, Linda Whalen, Michele Maurillo, Carol Schumm, Robert Ochsner, ?, ?, Steve Reed, Robert Horst, ?,

3RD Row:
Debbie Brown, Mary Kindt, Shirley Baron, Margaret Perkins, Paula Fisselbrand, Linda Finley, Cindy Diefendorf, Jim Matterson, Doug Randall, Don Wadsworth, Peter Haendle, Jonathon Thurston

4TH Row:
Mrs. Sprague, Donna Clayton, Sheila Fish, Lori Ahlstrand, Dawne Gardner, Jill Eriksson, Sherri Burton, Patrick Hourigan, Stephen Volles, Martin Campbell, Raymond Cook, Guy Wadsworth, Glenn Houser

OCS 1976 Stage Band

1ST Row:
Kevin Madigan, Bruce Gallagher, Candy Purdy, ?

2ND Row:
?, Janet Delany, Karen Morris

3RD Row:
Craig Mulburg, Eugene Roberts, ?, ?, S. McCormick, Jonathon Thurston

4TH Row:
J. Vossler, Scott Lathrop, Glenn Wagner, Guy Wadsworth, J. Volles, Jim Paige

2ND Grade Production of the "Frog Prince" Cast of Characters

King:            Guy Wadsworth
Queen:           Rebecca Fey
Princess:        Amy Stilwell
Prince:          Brian Block
Peasant Leader:  Don Wadsworth
Gypsy:           Mary Miller
Butler:          Danny Hay

Magic Dolls: Jill Eriksson Denise Lowery Lisa Lathrop Ricky White Mary Staso Jim Matterson Cindy Wheatly Shirley Baron Kathy Luddington Margaret Perkins Birthday Children: Jay Volles Joe Kompf Carol Scumm Mary Kindt Linda Whalen Paul Burton Martin Campbell Michele Maurillo Melody Winters Kathy Venton Valerie Hughes Doug Randall Raymond Cook Peter Haendle Afternoon Children: Dale Ashmus Sheila Fish Theresa Douglas Sue Ann Rohe Paul Straka Cynthia Diefendorf Robert Whipple Sharon DelNero Dawne Gardner Stephen Fey Deborah Nelson Kenneth Clarke Peasant Children: Donna Clayton Kevin Bragman Robert Horst Jim Zimmers Deborah Brown Michael Fauconnet Bill LeMesurier Darrel Otis Kevin Clark Lori Ahlstrand Linda Finley June Ochsner Sherrie Burton Rita Edwards Paula Fisselbrand Servants of the King: Chris Sgouris Douglas Kackison Patrick Hourigan Jon Annable Tom Reed Greg Lyden Roger Volles Herbie Harvard Tim Stanton Gary Hawkins Steve Reed Tim Tiss Stephen Volles Bill Baunee Tim Herold

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